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Introducing our organic handmade Signature "Sorrel" tea. It is a Caribbean and Latin American delicacy that is popular during the Christmas season. Each full-size package comprises 12 teabags, each made with organic sundried hibiscus, organic dried ginger flakes, organic cinnamon, organic allspice, organic cloves, and organic cane sugar. Not only is this tea delicious, but it also offers numerous health benefits. When iced, it's also known as "Agua de Jamaica". Whether you are looking for a warm beverage on a chilly day or a refreshing drink during the summer, our Sorrel tea is a great choice. Try it today and discover the magic of our signature blend!

Our Signature Loose Leaf Tea 300g

  • Ingredients:

    - Organic Sundried Hibiscus

    - Organic Dried Ginger Flakes

    - Organic Cinnamon

    - Organic All Spice

    - Organic Cloves

    - Organic Cane Sugar

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