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Rebecca Matalon 

Kingston, Jamaica

Chelsea Gallimore
Toronto, Canada

Nethania Hill 

Curaçao, The Dutch Caribbean 


Elegant Ladies by Kailyn sets a standard of sophistication with their exquisite range of products and great service. From timeless fashion pieces to delicious teas. Elegant Ladies By Kailyn ensure an amazing shopping experience for those who appreciate the finer things in life!

Maria Ruddock

Kingston, Jamaica

Elegant Ladies by Kaitlyn without the T offers a phenomenal array of elegant artisan products of fine craftsmanship and amazing quality!

Paola Soto

Pennsilvania, USA


I absolutely adore the jewelry collection from Elegant Ladies by Kaitlyn without the T! The pieces are so beautifully crafted and exude a sense of timeless elegance. Each design is truly a work of art that showcases impeccable attention to detail. Wearing their jewelry makes me feel confident and luxurious. It's like carrying a piece of sophistication and charm wherever I go!

Hajare Ait Ouaba

The Netherlands, Europe 


I always have such a lovely experience with this beautiful brand. The jewellery are so refined and always elevate my look. As well, I also really fancy the unique blends of hand-made teas. Overall, I would definitely recommend this lovely and elegant brand!

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Kaan Kaya: 

The signature tea was rather elegant. The best tea I ever had. Definitely will try again.


Sophie Eldemire: 

I really love the sleep tea it helped with my  insomnia. Will definitely  be ordering more!


Sara Lopez:

Elegant Ladies by Kailyn  is my absolute favorite place to shop for luxury and quality gifts!


Valerie Ramirez:
I am in love with my bee brooch, whenever I wear it I cannot go anywhere without receiving a compliment.  It is a must have for any elegant lady!

Nina Apostolov:
Elegant Ladies by Kailyn offers beautifully crafted items. I am truly impressed by the quality of  the products! Among their collection of jewelry, the clamshell pearl necklace stands out as my personal favourite. I also really enjoyed their handmade organic signature tea, the flavour is not only calming but also refreshing.

Simon Riley:
Absolutely loved the tea! Was delicious and really helped me to relax throughout some stressful days. Would 100% recommend without a doubt.

Taija Walfall:
I absolutely love this brand! Their items are top quality and the tea is absolutely amazing!

Gina Lammel: 
I absolutely love my bee brooch! I love unique and creative jewelry and this piece is just that! Wonderful, classy gift idea for yourself or others.

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