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Introducing our organic handmade "Health & Wellness" tea is the perfect addition to your daily routine. Each Full-Size package includes 12 teabags, each containing a blend of powerful ingredients. Black seeds, known for their ability to cure any disease or illness, are combined with Moringa, the most nutrient-dense plant on earth, and Burdock Root, which provides anti-inflammatory benefits. Additionally, Black Pepper aids in nutrient absorption. Enjoy a cup of this organic tea to support your overall health and wellness. With 12 tea bags in each package, you can enjoy the benefits of this organic tea for weeks to come.

Loose Leaf Health and Wellness Tea 300g

  • Ingredients:

    - Organic Peppermint Leaves

    - Organic Black Seeds

    - Organic Moringa Powder

    - Organic Burdock Root

    - Organic Black Pepper


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